Thursday, December 3, 2009


There is a ton of info out there for new Vegans. It can be overwhelming.
These are some of the most helpful websites I've found in the past couple of months.

Listed in no paticular oder:

is one of my ultimate must visit sites! So many recipes as well as lots of helpful comments from users who have actually MADE the recipes before.
I suggest scrolling through all the comments, because the recipes tend to change by the end of a thread, once more people have attempted making it)

2) In Search of Vegan Food is a thread on VegWeb that is very helpful. A list of foods you would never suspect might contain animal products. Print this and take it to the grocery store!

3) Another helpful list for a newbie Veeg is on PETAs site It's a tad overwhelming, but if you feel unsure of what some of the ingredients on labels are...having this list in your bag will come in very handy!

4) Vegan NYC is (as it sounds) a NY centric site. Very simple search by neighborhood for vegan restaurants/stores

5)Super Vegan is another NY site (that every city needs!) with an extensive search/google map list of "100% Vegan,100 Vegetarian, Non Vegan (but with decent vegan options". They also review lot's of different Veeg friendly products

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