Friday, November 27, 2009


Welcome to my new blog A Simple Vegan!

As a vegetarian for over 13 years I thought I knew why I didn't eat meat. But in fact it wasn't until very recently that I became informed of the horrors of Factory Farming (more factory than farm). I also never understood what the big deal with eating eggs and dairy products was. I mean...all female cows make milk, right? "Contrary to popular belief, cows don't just produce milk for kicks. They are mammals, just like human ladies -- they need to get knocked up before their bodies produce milk. In factory farms they are artificialy inseminated to keep them constantly pregnant"

Oh well, chickens lay eggs, like..everyday! Right? "True,but in nature "layer" hens would not be crammed 8 to a cage with a floor the size of a file drawer, unable to spread their wings or do anything chicken-like. Hens are run through a food-and-light deprivation process for over a week, which forces another laying cycle and increases profits. And like the male dairy calves, male chicken offspring are so useless to the egg industry they are routinely killed at few days old."

Now that I know the truth of the horrible treatment (torture would be a better word) of animals raised for food, it is a moral issue for me. It is - for me - simply wrong to participate in this. I can't turn a blind eye to it and no matter how badly I might want to eat cheesy pizza, or yummy creeeamy feta cheese, or perfectly crispy bacon...I simply would not like myself for giving money to the people who knowingly abuse animals.

If you give money to something quite simply: you are supporting it.
If every time you bought a bottle of water - 100% of proceeds went to Al Qaeda - would you just shrug and say "I know its wrong. I don't agree with what they do! But I really need my bottled water!"

I'm guessing most people would answer No. For me it is the same thing.
If you buy milk, eggs or meat that comes from a factory "farm" (99% of whats in stores is from a factory farm) you ARE condoing the systematic abuse and torture of thinking, feeling, intelligent creatures.

I'm certainly no expert - and would never claim to be one. But when you see blatent cruelty in the world it's hard to just pretend it isn't there.

*exhales* OK end rant.

In the past month or so I've found so many helpful websites, articles and books on vegan living. I wanted a way to compile and share them with friends, family (mommy!) and anyone else venturing into the Vegan lifestyle. I am a newbie and would greatly appreciate any "oldie" vegans sharing there wisdom with me. If you have info to share or would like to guest blog, please email

Stay tuned for lot's of great links, "simple" recipes and fun animal postings!

Thanks for reading!!

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